Data Management Publications

william burkett

Data Management Publications

I realize that the topic "data literacy" as defined for this forum isn't what I'm posting about, but the term "data literacy" seems to be the most appropriate place to put it.

My question is: I am aware of some publications that focus on data management (this Dataversity site being one of them), and TDAN and Datamation and so on.  What are some data management publications that you know about and read regularly?

Anthony J Algmin

RE: Data Management Publications
(in response to william burkett)

Hi William,

A couple I like are Datanami (more data science, but lots of good crossover stuff) and I also particularly enjoy McKinsey's research newsletter. They often have deep, data-related perspectives on big issues.

Not focused on data management, per se, but both I think are worth exploring.


Anthony J. Algmin
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