Data Cannot Provide Insights, Only People Can


Data Cannot Provide Insights, Only People Can

Excellent article quoting Donald Farmer, principal at Treehive Strategy in Seattle, delivering the opening keynote address at ITWeb Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit 2019.

I could not agree more that data in of itself is NOT a magic bullet that is going to provide all knowledge and resolves all problems. 

Data is the building blocks of information, which requires intervention to convert the information into knowledge. Humans must then interrogate the knowledge to make actionable decisions. Its humans making impactful decisions that improve business performance and that is where the power is realized. Making powerful decisions and tracking the results that continuously improve business performance is pinnacle. Great visualizations and analytical models that predict and prescribe outcomes, do not of themselves ring the cash register and improve your balance sheet. Powerful decisions made by humans to execute better processes, purchases, investments, and hiring the best and right resources - do impact the bottom line. This is where the business value is derived. Even though the shiny objects and their technologies are cool, humans making the right decisions are what increases the value equation. 

-- Ray 

Jose Mari Taleno

RE: Data Cannot Provide Insights, Only People Can
(in response to Ray Diaz, CBIP, CDP, CSM, ICP-ATF)

Wow! Thanks for sharing this insightful article!