Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform

Mark Stockwell

Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform
Discussion of ServiceNow enhancements, tips, tools and tricks supporting its use as an enterprise data quality and governance platform

Matt Chau

RE: Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform
(in response to Mark Stockwell)

The concept I was trying to pursue was visibility and traceability. ServiceNow, at this healthcare company I was at, was well developed and implemented. I wanted to create a true web of "integration", from a business process going wrong to the CI (technology) that it spawn from. I believe this is doable via platforms like ServiceNow, but this company's culture was not ready or able to tackle true data issue resolution. The company I'm at now has SN but to a much lesser extent and we have some manual tracking to make up for that, but the culture is much more apt to get involved and invest in the resolution of these issues. Where our DG program is currently at is selecting the path to go down: resolve a set of immediate issues or wait and live with them so we can achieve a strategic initiative that could have a higher payoff. These aren't mutually exclusive, of course, it' just where we're at in terms of working things out.

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Carol McGrath

RE: Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform
(in response to Matt Chau)

Has anyone completed evaluation of ServiceNow capabilities against other data catalog tools in the market?

Service Now has the workflows, ownership, authorisation capabilities needed to manage activities and the CMDB product asset functionality could potentially be used for data assets?

I am keen to understand whether others have found SN to have the relevant capabilities for metadata management, stewardship and lineage.

There is a GRC component that can be purchased so am keen to know if anyone has used this in their Data management activities.

Where do others see the benefits of a pure data governance toolset such as Collibra or Alation in comparison?

Very keen to hear from anyone!

Jeff Albro

RE: Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform
(in response to Carol McGrath)

I have used SN for ticketing at a few organizations, and I find the general experience is VERY dependent upon the investment and capability for customizing it.  I wouldn't want to use it for data governance unless the business users were ALREADY comfortable with it.


I am also hesitant to use any tool that can't automatically gather metadata from data sources.  This was the capability I heard recommended over and over again at EDW in Boston.


Anja Bosesky

RE: Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform
(in response to Jeff Albro)

Hi there, I am new in this forum, but still would like to share my 2 cents. We are actually using Service Now for ticketing. Any request for creation / maintenance of Master Data records is raised through mail to Service Desk. My maintenance team picks up the INCs classifies them into Service and Failure and maintains resolution comments in it. The SN-INC no. is registered in the record of the target system. Like this we can track the changes back to the requester. For data elements with recurring approval flows we use the Request functionality in Service Now.

With regard to Data catalog - I tend to agree with Jeff. Anything that has to be maintained manually, will probably be out of date the moment you have entered the last record. We see this with our inventory of Business Applications which maintain in there. Exploring the alternatives we had a demo session with Informatica for their Data Catalog solution. Yes, it can read various data sources, however it is still a manual exercise to maintain the business meaning, data lineage read from defined intergation only and the governance solution would be in a separate component (AXON). We have not checked out any other tools yet, but I guess this is current state of the art. 

Mark Stockwell

RE: Leveraging ServiceNow as a Data Quality and Governance Platform
(in response to Anja Bosesky)

Thanks to everyone for their replies, I think this is proving to be a useful thread.

Anja, we are also using SN to support reporting of data quality incidents, although I will say it has been difficult for our help desk team to differentiate DQ issues from application issues, I think this will take time.

We asked two different SN development vendors to provide us with their recommendation on if we could customize SN for use as a DG platform.  We thought, like this team that we should be able to categorize our data into assets and in someway utilize the core asset mgmt. functionality in some extended way, both vendors said it would be possible but they wouldn't recommend it, the customizations would be extensive and costly to maintain through upgrades.  So we opted against it.

We have evaluated Collibra, Informatica Axon, Infogix, Information-Asset as alternatives but have found them to be a bit cost prohibitive for us right now.